What is it Really Like to Be an Adventure Photographer?

How do you live your life with no regrets? For adventure photographer Krystle Wright, the trick is to live and work her dream. Wright travels the world, camera always in hand, to experience life and capture each fleeting moment. To capture adventure, Wright says you have to be a part of it, and she absolutely emerges herself in everything she shoots—from hanging off cliffs, battling freezing cold temperatures in the Arctic, and swimming with stingrays. This is what keeps her passionate and inspired:

Wright combined her love of art and love of sport to realize her passion. She photographs adventure seekers in some of the world’s most remote, naturally stunning locations. She says she loves the landscape and atmosphere that naturally comes with the adventure. She lives a nomadic life, never going home, but constantly travelling to the ends of the earth.

“As an adventure photographer, it’s a lifestyle that I live and breathe, though perhaps it’s also a mixture of passion and obsession.”


A fear of heights is not conducive to adventure photography.

There is risk involved, sure, but Wright says it’s worth it. She has suffered many injuries, risked her life, lost teeth in pursuit of the next great photo, but this is what makes her feel alive.

adventure photography risks

There are real risks involved with adventure photography.

Photography has changed Wright’s perception of the world, her eyes are now continually drawn to the ever-changing light, her perception is now constructed of depths, layers and dimensions. Her hope for each shoot, each adventure, is to capture something unique, a moment that shares with the viewer, a special insight into the athletes. She accomplishes that in every image she shoots by combining the sheer joy, fear or determination of the athlete with the natural breathtaking scenery.


Wright often finds herself in precarious positions.

Wright is truly living the dream.

“My biggest fear in life is regret.”

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  1. Jake says:

    Great article! Much respect for her and her photos!

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