What Inspires a Photography Legend?

Henri Cartier-Bresson is one of the most well-known names in photography. Many may be familiar with his work, but not all may be familiar with his philosophy. Below is an original short created by 522 productions that incorporates an interview with Cartier-Bresson to show what it is that inspires the photographers as 522:

Perhaps one of the most interesting responses Cartier-Bresson has is the one in which he talks about new ideas. Today, we often think that there can’t be anything new created. Everything’s been done. Everything’s been thought of. And we think, maybe if we lived 30 years ago, we could have created something new. But Cartier-Bresson laughs when he says this:

“There’s no new ideas in the world. There is only new arrangement of things. Everything is new, every minute is new. The world is being created every minute, and the world is falling to pieces every minute.”

40 years ago Cartier-Bresson said this. 40 years ago, he said there are absolutely no new ideas. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t create new things. So you shouldn’t be disappointed when you see someone create something that you think is completely original because there is always something different that can be done. In fact, seeing “new” things just goes to prove that there is still plenty of room in the world today for “new” things, even if they are just variations or a rebirth of the old.

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