What if Camera Reviews Were Like the Show Top Gear?

With the demise of the popular TV show Top Gear, at least in its current form, fans from all walks of life have started to try to fill the void that the show left in their hearts. And since we talked about professional photographers being some of the most inventive people we know, it wasn’t long until some of them turned their pro gear into… Top Gear:

This is a special review of the Nikon D5 that makes it look like they were actually testing a brand new Porsche. Complete with “The Rig” (a parody on The Stig) doing a lap with the D5 and trying to see how fast it goes around the improvised circuit:

nikon d5 top gear review the rig

“The Rig” getting ready to race the Nikon around the track

Despite being funny, the video also touches on some serious aspects of the Nikon D5—at least at a first glance! No, you haven’t actually missed the big news of the D5 being launched, as the camera shown in the video is actually the Nikon D4. The whole video was an April Fools prank, something which you might have already figured out by tiny details, like the new camera having only 6 megapixels—four times fewer than the entry level Nikon D3200.

nikon d5 parody review

The title screen with the uncanny resemblance to the Top Gear intro

All in all, a great April Fools video, and a fantastic tribute to the popular TV show!

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