What Happens When Dogs Take Pictures of their Owners?

This video is the most entertaining thing you’ll see all week. In it, dogs turn the tables on their owners and start photographing them—except the delicacy with which the video is shot, and the politeness that’s shattered by these confusing emotional outbursts, transforms the whole concept from “ridiculous” to “surprisingly touching.” You have to watch it to see what we mean:

The video was put together by Mars Japan, a subsidiary of the global confectionary and pet-care company. There’s a reality-TV element to the concept—the family starts off talking about how much they love their pets, then they’re summoned into a photo studio. When their family dog shows up to take the picture, they all laugh excitedly.

weird japanese videos

It’s kind of interesting to see the results of the photos—the families’ expressions of happiness seem not only genuine, but also a surprise to the families themselves.

pet photos

japanese family portrait

As one woman put it:

“I’ve never seen ourselves like this, in such a huge smile. I can’t help crying. I don’t know what to say.”

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One response to “What Happens When Dogs Take Pictures of their Owners?”

  1. Wendy says:

    How in blazes did they teach the dogs what to do without the family being the wiser? and not run straight to their owners as soon as they saw them?

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