Whale Breaches Right in Front of a Photographer: Incredible Footage

Photographer Beau Pilgrim was swimming around off the coast of Tonga when he had a pretty exhilarating moment. An enormous humpback whale breached just a few meters from him. And he caught it all on camera:

Pilgrim, represented by Diimex, is no stranger to underwater photography or close encounters with whales. His portfolio is packed full of amazing images of these awesome mammals, and he says he keeps a GoPro attached to the stop of his rig so he won’t miss any action.

We’re certainly glad he was filming so we can live vicariously!

“I’ve had a few people ask about my equipment, since the whale video has been doing the rounds. I shoot my underwater photos using the Canon 5Diii and 1DXii housed in Auqatech, with lenses ranging from fisheye to 200mm depending on the shot I’m after.”

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