Welcome to Doha: A Gorgeous Timelapse of a City in Qatar

Timelapse makers are getting better and better at their craft, as evidenced in this latest work, Welcome To Doha, by Michael Shainblum and Brian Hawkins. The timelapse, which goes on a journey through the stunning city of Doha, located in Qatar, is comprised of tens–if not hundreds–of thousands of still photographs which were painstakingly edited together to create the visual masterpiece you see below:

What sets this particular timelapse apart from many others is some of the advanced techniques used throughout film such as the inclusion of hyperlapse footage, which means the tripod had to be repositioned and recomposed in between every single frame.


Camels in Doha


People walking through a market in Doha


A city scene from Welcome to Doha

Another noteworthy highlight from Welcome To Doha is the shots where the brightly lit daytime sky fades to night, an accomplishment that requires constant supervision and adjustments to exposure time to ensure all the photos turn out. A lot of the pan and fade shots were either added in post production using software such as Adobe Premier and After Effects or done in camera with devices like theĀ Dynamic Perception Dollies and eMotimo Motion Control Robots.

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