Wedding Photography Guide to Equipment, Shooting, Editing & More

If you’ve ever entertained the thought of being a wedding photographer, or you already took the leap and it’s not quite going the way you hoped, then you may want to take a look at this new eBook just released. Found here: The Wedding Photography Guide


New: Wedding Photography (take a peek inside)

The author, Lily Sawyer, taught for six years in higher education prior to becoming a professional photographer 9 years ago. In that time she has photographed more than 500 weddings, events and portraits combined. Her organised approach ensures their day goes smoothly as she creatively captures their wedding with them barely noticing. Her teaching in this book is very similar, as you follow her approach, you’ll realise how much you pick up from her years of experience as she casually imparts her knowledge without fuss.

Some of the Many Topics Covered:

Getting started: Advice on setting up your business, adopting the right mindset and 7 important traits of a successful wedding photographer.

The Equipment: A look at Lily’s recommended lenses (including her favourites), flashguns and triggers, light stands, monopods and tripods.

The Wedding Day: A step-by-step guide to photographing the wedding day, including a 5-step formula to bride and groom portraits in under 20 minutes, a handy posing guide and a bonus section on lighting receptions and the first dance.

Editing: A simple workflow using Adobe Bridge to save you time and overwhelm, including how to batch process, when to use more advanced software and the all important backup process.

Products: How to design albums with you clients and other products you can offer them that are time efficient and cost effective.

Pricing: Lily will guide you through the process of how she found her happy place with pricing and how you can too.

Marketing: An overview of the different activities that have worked (or not) for Lily, including finding and keeping the ideal clients for life after the wedding.

wedding photo guide

A guide to equipment, shooting, editing and more for wedding photographers.

It is not an over-promising “exhaustive guide” to wedding photography, with “formulas for success” or calls for “relentless hustle”. Instead, it’s a realistic perspective of life as a professional photographer, littered throughout with practical gems of advice on every element of the journey. Not just on shooting the weddings themselves, but from setting yourself up right through to managing an ongoing source of income for your business.

Found here: The Wedding Photography Guide

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