Wedding Photography – A Guide To Photojournalism Book Review

wedding photojournalism book

Wedding Photojournalism Book Available Now

The photo-journalistic style of wedding photography is becoming more popular and heavily sought after by couples. Award-winning wedding photojournalist Kerry Morgan has put together an excellent book that seems to cover all the bases of the wedding photography. Not only is it a great read, it contains hundreds of excellent example photos to spur your creativity and guide you through a typical wedding day.

Documentary wedding photography is about capturing the day, as the events unfold with minimal interference or instruction from the photographer. This book is not about photographic techniques or equipment. It is about how exactly to shoot weddings in a story-telling style and come away with a set of images that will exceed your client’s expectations; pictures which will let them relive the day, as it actually happened.

Wedding Photography – A Guide To Photojournalism is now available for $23.95 from Oliver Camera Publishing. Click Here to Get the Book Now

Morgan writes, “When covering a wedding I shoot a narrative, so throughout the whole event I use the same technique as any journalist who is reporting a story. I’m gathering information and I’m asking and answering the following questions: who, what, where, when, why and how?

The task of news photojournalists and the teams around them should be to record and gather information and to present the result in a factual way. As documentary wedding photographers we do not always want the cold hard truth and facts. We want to feel the story, get emotionally involved with the images and savour the moments we have caught.

Having a recognizable style to your work is a huge benefit to you as a photographer. Not only does it give your work a consistent look, it also sets you apart from other photographers.

wedding photo book

Somes Pages from Wedding Photography - A Guide to Photojournalism (Click to Learn More)

This 208 page book is organized into the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • My Approach to Wedding Photography
  • The Basics
  • Preparing for the Shoot
  • Pre-shoot Checklist
  • Shooting the Preparations
  • At the Ceremony
  • Shooting Other Types of Ceremonies
  • Drinks Reception or Cocktail Hour
  • Understanding the Importance of Light
  • Shooting the Couple Portraits
  • Wedding Breakfast and Reception
  • When Not to Shoot
  • Shooting Destination Weddings
  • Post-Wedding Considerations
  • Developing Your Observational Skills
  • Be Inspired
  • A Complete Album

photo journalistic wedding photography

Page Layouts With Inspiring Example Photos (Click to Learn More)

Morgan writes, “In the following pages I will describe to you each section of the wedding day in detail and how I go about photographing it, what I look for and how to tell a story in pictures.”

How to Get a Copy:

Wedding Photography – A Guide To Photojournalism is now available for $23.95 from Oliver Camera Publishing. Click Here to Get the Book Now

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  1. I’ve read the book. It’s a great resource fo wedding photographers. A lot of good tips and tricks.

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