Sports Photo Ideas with Water

If you’re considering a water sports themed photography session, this next video is specifically made for you!

Directed by Jason Maughan, the video reflects on this particular experience from commercial photographer Erik Isakson. He tries to explore the dynamic athletic motion mixed with water. Be sure to take a look if you’re curious about the results. Isakson describes his setups for the shoot and what he was seeking to achieve:

Isakson is a professional commercial photographer whose work is mostly dedicated to sports imagery. His work has been featured in hundreds of advertisements and sports magazines for some of the largest sports companies around the world:


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One response to “Sports Photo Ideas with Water”

  1. Brian says:

    These are not water sports. Water Polo, swimming diving maybe even water skiing can be considered water sports. These are just sports with water used as a cheap photo gimmick. I feel the title the title seriously misrepresents the article. :-(

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