Watch How This Clever Photo Prank Fools Unassuming Strangers

With April Fools’ Day nearing, you’re running out of time to think of fresh ways to trick your friends and neighbors. If you’re looking for a cheap–and amusing–way to fool passersby with your smartphone camera this year, check out this simple photo prank:

For the disappearing friend prank, Magic of Rahat used a basic camera app. He had a picture taken of himself at the mall. He then asked passersby to take a photo of him next to his friend, Jack, in the same spot.


Once the photo was taken, Jack stealthily snuck away while Rahat distracted the unassuming strangers and quickly flipped back to a picture of himself standing alone. The result? Freaked out photo-takers who thought they’d just seen a ghost. This sneaky trick certainly worked on some of the victims!


While a number of specialty apps, like GhostCam, are available to trick your friends, you can pull off plenty of photo pranks, like “disappearing friend”, without an app. What photography-related pranks have you tried?

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