Waiting for the Shot: Can a Photographer Learn to Be Lucky?

Jordan Matter, photographer and author of Dancers Among Us and Athletes Among Us has a real passion for life and for his work. And he believes that other people’s passions and emotions—the magic of life—can be captured through artistic imagery… if he just waits for the right moments to present themselves. Listen to Jordan’s story about how he serendipitously captured the perfect shot of a dancer on a Florida beach during what should have been a beautiful sunset, but turned into a dark and dreary downpour:

Can you train yourself to find serendipity in any moment? Matter believes the perfect opportunity will reveal itself if you just wait and stay open to the possibilities.


Matter, at first, thought this was the perfect shot.


A lifeguard dropped his rescue board in the frame, and Matter had his lucky shot.

“You can literally learn to be lucky.”

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One response to “Waiting for the Shot: Can a Photographer Learn to Be Lucky?”

  1. Debbie says:

    Oh how I would loved to have known about this. I live right here in Sarasota. Go to Siesta Beach a lot. Hope you caught the Drum Circle on Sunday evening.

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