Volcano Eruption Photography Tips

Landscape photography takes you on numerous adventures. As if photographing “regular” landscapes isn’t adventurous enough, capturing erupting volcanoes really does take adventure to the next level. But as you might expect, snapping shots of volcanoes is not an easy task. While safety is one major concern, the glow of the burning lava is hard to capture. In today’s exciting video, photographers Gudmann & Gyda show you what it’s like shooting a volcanic eruption in Iceland, while also sharing some tips & tricks in the process.

Photographing an erupting volcano during the blue hour and in the dark can yield fantastic results. However, the glowing lava creates a difficult contrast. This is where ND filters come in handy. You can use six- to eight-stop ND filters and photograph the volcano using a long exposure.

Besides helping you tackle lighting, long exposures can also help you to add a creative touch to the image. If the volcano is continuously spouting lava, you can capture the flow’s trail, adding a thrilling sense of motion to the image. You can see some brilliant examples in the video. You can also showcase smooth flowing lava, like with waterfalls and rivers, using ND filters and long exposures. This adds an artistic touch to your photos.

If you’re ever planning to photograph a volcano, be sure to watch this video. The tips, tricks and photographs in the video will surely inspire you.

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