Vision is Better II eBook

vision is better ebook

Vision is Better II

Vision is Better II – Free the Mind, Free the Camera. Again. by David duChemin was released today and follows the process and thoughts of a professional travel/landscape photographer.

It follows his approach on business, thought process on location, equipment considerations, a near deadly fall he took while on assignment and much more.

We create our art in the midst of an odd industry trying desperately to sell us new gear – and we rely on this gear, to a greater or lesser degree to do what we do.

But relying on it, and being distracted by it are not the same thing. In the end most of us simply want to achieve basic competence, to get to the point where the camera no longer stands in the way of what does matter – the reason we want to make a photograph and the way in which we express that reason through the unique visual language of the medium.

Topics Covered (96 Pages):

  • Vision is Still Better (An Introduction)
  • Going Backwards, Moving Forward
  • Begin
  • Hiding Behind Shiny Pillars?
  • Begin. Again.
  • Go to the Writers
  • Art and Risk
  • Oh Snap!
  • Isolated by Light
  • Getting it Done
  • Nothing Left to Take Away
  • In Defense of Inspiration
  • Beyond Craft
  • Filters & The Creative Process
vision is better photography ebook

Vision is Better II eBook

  • Wrestling in Kathmandu
  • Leaving Kathmandu
  • Unseen
  • Blurred Vision
  • Life is Short
  • Jessie and I
  • Don’t Break the Rules
  • Better Portraits: Wait for the Soul
  • Choose Your Risk
  • And Then I Fell
  • Risk Part II: The Power of Failure
  • The Italian Incident: Updates
  • No Such Thing as Better
  • I Hear Voices (So Do You)
  • Point & Shoot, My @$%
  • Buy the Tickets
  • The Record is Skipping: Do What You Love
  • Impressions
  • Originality is Overrated
  • Do the Work
  • Originality Part II
  • Creativity: Find Your Rhythm
  • 45 Days
  • Don’t Stop
  • You’re On Your Own
  • Rehabilitating Art
chapters from vision is better

Vision is Better II eBook

duChemin says, “This world needs stronger, more honest photographs that are true to their creators. Art is meant to be a gift; if the best the world can do is praise the sharpness, or technical merits of a photograph, we’ve failed to bring a gift. It’s the photographic equivalent of giving perfectly crocheted socks to an 8-year old for Christmas.”

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