Victor Hasselblad Interview

Around the world, photographers have familiarized themselves with the name Hasselblad. The Swedish company best known for producing medium format cameras has been synonymous with top of the line quality since its founding in the 1940s. Utilized by World War II aerial technicians, the first men in space, and countless artists of all backgrounds, the versatility and precision of the camera has been treasured by both technicians and creatives for decades.

One man laid the groundwork for the products we know and love today: inventor and photographer Victor Hasselblad. The following 1967 broadcast from Swedish National Television provides admirers past and present with a glimpse into the master’s mind:

The interview takes place on the sleepy shores near Gothenburg, Sweden, where Hasselblad lived and the company’s headquarters is located. Covered in the conversation are Hasselblad camera prototypes as well as an abridged history of the camera’s rise to popularity and its integration into the general public. In addition, viewers are given some insight into Hasselblad’s beginnings as a hobbyist, including images and sound recordings from his own personal archives.

A complex character described as both modest and stubborn, Hasselblad’s legacy has survived generations. From hand-made wooden models of the past to the state of the art mirrorless models of today, the brand has retained its distinction over the years because of Victor Hasselblad’s surviving dedication to perfection. Listening to the experiences, ideas, and opinions expressed by Hasselblad provide more than just anecdotes of yesteryear; through his words, he gifts us with a better understanding of the medium’s roots.

vintage Hasselblad camera

“I see photos as a pure document. A photo should not be complicated; it should reflect reality.”

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