Using Composite Photography to Capture Fierce Animal Ads

Getting up close and personal with potentially dangerous animals to photograph them sounds both thrilling and daunting. There is a respectable amount of safety protocol, but the fact of the matter is you are still trusting the animal not to make a meal out of you. Reducing the potential for an incident, composite photography can be incredibly helpful when working with animals. Take a look at this behind the scenes footage of a commercial photo shoot that had one photographer attempting to capture a scene with a vicious tiger in the back of a new car:

After shooting the scene in multiple parts, the photographer then layered the separate segments of the photograph using compositing techniques to come up with the final product:

composite photography

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One response to “Using Composite Photography to Capture Fierce Animal Ads”

  1. Mos' says:

    Great stuff. I do have a question though. Being a videographer in commercial production for over 30 years, I have seen a few “tough ones” to do as well. Here is the question, would a key – cut and placement not achieve the same effect? In no way questioning the work done here, just a curious question with interest. Thanks, looks GREAT!

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