Using Cars for Light Painting Photography

Light painting requires only darkness and a light source to create beautiful shapes and patterns, but how you move the light makes all the difference. Professional light painting photographer Patrick Rochon has become a leading figure in this art genre with his amazing ability to create beautiful images with his hands and light tools. And, as is any successful artist, Rochon is willing to push the limits of creativity. See how he used three cars as paint brushes to create inspiring, moving light paintings:

Rochon wanted to make beautiful light and create something remarkable. He did just that in “Inspired Light” by Infiniti. Working with a team of artists, lighting specialists, precision drivers and engineers, he was able to transform three cars into dynamic and powerful paint brushes and canvasses.

infiniti inspired light project

The team of experts used color, form, movement, technology, and a lot of shared creativity to tackle this truly inspiring project. Each car was carefully decorated with 59 feet of LED strips—a total of 2,520 LED lights—to change the personality of the vehicle.

cars as light painting brushes

Every single image was created in front of the camera. There is no CGI. The results are just incredible and the images really capture the mood and power of the light painting.

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