Using a Mountain Bike to Get to Photography Spots

If you’re a landscape photographer, you understand the amount of effort it takes just to reach a particular location for a shoot. You may end up hiking for hours just to get to your preferred destination before taking any photos. The challenge with this is time. Because it can be a slow process, you may not be able to reach all the places where you want to go and take all the photos that you want to take. Landscape photographer James Popsys came up with a way to tackle this issue by getting himself a mountain bike. He shares his experience in this video:

As some may suggest, a car could be an easier and a quicker way. But that doesn’t give the feeling of being outdoors, and many locations are not accessible by cars. If you do decide to go by bike, it’s probably going to be inconvenient to take your phone out frequently while riding, so getting yourself a GPS navigation kit would be a good idea too.

If you feel that you’re really up for it, you can even go camping for multiple days with your bike. This way, you can have a great experience out in nature with many opportunities to shoot landscapes in different lighting conditions without having to worry about getting back home.

Are you a fan of the idea to go around on a bike taking photos? Let us know what you think.

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