Unraveling Turkmenistan: Rare Photos of a Mysterious Country

Turkmenistan could very well be a country that you’ve never heard of. But it’s probably one of the most mysterious places on the face of the earth. Before you start asking why, let me explain. Turkmenistan, a former Russian Federation state, is definitely an acquired taste for a visitor. Not the most open and or tourist-friendly country, the land has been reeling under a series of leaders who rule the nation with an iron fist:

As the images suggest, this is unlike any place you have ever visited. Comparisons with a modern western nation or even a developing nation from the east are meaningless. Yet, even in all its strangeness, this is a fascinating place with an unique mix of experience for any traveler who has the stomach to take the long flight. As they say, pictures speak a thousand words. If the pictures above are to be believed, Turkmenistan is certainly a great place for unique experiences—and photos.

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