Unique Luminar Photo Edits for Eye-catching Landscape Results

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You might think you need to master post-processing to get incredible results with your image editing. And there are certainly people out there who successfully work through complicated manual adjustments and retouching.

But you don’t need to be an editing expert to create amazing images. Post-processing software like Luminar can keep your workflow easier. Here are a few quick Luminar adjustments that can make a huge difference to your work.

Matte Look Filter

A matte look on images can be very striking when it’s applied in the right amount. Here’s the original image:

original image

You’ll find the Matte Look filter in the Creative section of the filter menu:

creative filter menu

The filter won’t automatically apply the matte look, it’s up to you to drag the Amount slider and then fine-tune the image with the other adjustment controls. Here’s what the image looked like after I applied the Matte Look:


Here are the adjustments I used:

matte filter adjustments

A matte look doesn’t suit all types of images, but it gives a real drama to certain landscapes and also portraits or street images.

Tone Filter

The Tone Filter is in the Essentials part of the filter menu, and it allows you bigger control over the exposure, contrast, whites, blacks, shadows, and highlights in the image. Again, the original image is this:

tone filter original image

And here is the image after the Tone adjustment:

after tone adjustment

On its own, the Tone filter doesn’t look wildly dramatic, but it allows you to adjust key elements of your image as you wish. You can also combine any filter with any other one, and with Luminar Looks or adjustment layer blending modes.

I added a new adjustment layer, then changed the Blending Mode to Soft Light and dropped the Opacity slider down to 17 percent:

tone adjustments with luminar

Luminar Looks

Luminar Looks allow you to choose from groups of presets that have been grouped into categories for ease of searching. There’s Landscape, Aerial, Street, Portrait, and Lifestyle, among several others. There’s also a range of premium signature Looks by well-known photographers available on the Skylum Marketplace.

Here’s the original image:

luminar looks before

I chose a Look from the Landscape category:

luminar looks menu

I chose Warm Sunset, and as you can see, there is a pretty big difference!

luminar looks warm sunset

You can adjust the amount of the Look that you want to apply to give either a subtle or dramatic appearance. You can also mix Looks by using adjustment layers to create some unique and individual looks.

To do this, apply a Look, and create an Adjustment Layer by clicking the plus sign on the Layers panel on the right-hand side of the screen.

Then choose another look to add on top:

adjustment layer

That is the Look “Warm Sunset” and “AI Landscape Enhancer” combined on separate adjustment layers. Very bold, very in-your-face, but miles away from the original image. Here’s the before and after:

luminar adjustment before after

Creating your artistic vision for your images with Luminar is quick and easy, but you’re still the one who makes the creative choices. Let your imagination have free rein and do whatever you feel. There is no right and wrong in photography and editing.

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