Underwater Portrait Photography

Doing a photoshoot underwater can present a whole new set of problems for photographers who do the majority of their work on dry land. They are often forced to get a little creative when it comes to keeping their gear safe from water damage and also making sure that it’s going to work properly once they are submerged. ┬áSuch is the case when the video and photography department at the University of Georgia took on the task of an underwater photoshoot with one of the schools professors. How did they do it? Take a look:

“We started out using the pocket wizard in the bag with the camera underwater and we figured out it didn’t work. The remote transmitters are high frequency, high frequency doesn’t penetrate water very well. So what we had to do was take the pocket wizard and the flash with a small PC cord between the two and sealed them in a vacuum seal bag.”

underwater portraits

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2 responses to “Underwater Portrait Photography”

  1. Awesome portraits! I’ll definitely use some of these tricks in some of my next shoots!

  2. Jean McRae says:

    Thank you for your video. It help me a lot

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