Behind the Scenes of an Underwater & Astro Photoshoot

The world beneath the water’s surface is so amazing that you can rarely go wrong when capturing photos of it. Similarly, astrophotography is another genre that is not suited for everyone. However, in this genre of photography too, there’s a great potential to end up capturing images that are simply—and literally—out of this world. Let’s join photographer Pierre T. Lambert as he has his hands on with both of these fabulous genres of photography:

Lambert takes us through a spectacular behind the scenes journey of his beautiful trip underwater in a coral nursery. You can see in the video how he uses rolling waves, fantastic sunlight breaking into the water and beautiful corals to capture mindblowing images.

If underwater photography was not challenging enough during the daytime, Lambert also shows how he managed to take some more thought-provoking images during the night. The way he and his team work together is simply amazing.

Be sure to stick around until the end of the video. He also shares how he was able to photograph the Milky Way from the beach without a tripod. Can you believe that he shot those images at 1/5 seconds handheld and still managed to get some decent images? Kudos to his steady hands and the camera’s stabilization system!

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