Unconventional Street Photography Tips

Street photography is undeniably one of the most popular genres of photography. In fact, many beginners start off with this genre as access to subjects is easy – right outside your house. But the problem is the uncountable number of “rules” that try to define what street photography is. This takes all the fun out of street photography and makes us feel constrained. Photographer Robin Wong feels that you should not bind yourself with such rules and shares some unconventional tips to better differentiate yourself:

It’s one thing to draw inspiration from other street photographers, but when you begin to replicate them, street photography loses its value. Instead of religiously sticking to some set of rules and principles, try putting in greater effort to shoot for yourself. Your photos should be a reflection of what you are. Shoot what you find attractive, what delights you, even something that you find funny. It can be something that others would never shoot. And that’s the whole point of being unique.

“Don’t focus on the technique or the look. But keep your eyes out for something that excites you.”

And while we’re talking about being unique, understand that your location is part of what makes you distinct. Getting acquainted with your locality inside-out will allow you to capture and present unique images. Don’t shy away from visiting the same place repeatedly. Since the street is a dynamic place, you will find new stories to capture every time.

And while Wong shares some other tips as well, the important thing is to ensure that you remain as creative, and think as freely, as possible. Don’t restrict yourself. Also, invest time in knowing your gear well. Shoot what interests you whether or not it interests others. Shoot for yourself, and not to please others. Most importantly, enjoy!

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