Tutorial to Combine Art with Photography in Photoshop

Putting together a beautiful piece of art together with a well-taken photograph is a fantastic way of coming up with surreal images. It brings two art forms together in a meaningful and often striking way. If you’ve been meaning to try it, today we have photographer Irene Rudnyk with this video tutorial. She explains everything you need to know about combining art with photography using Photoshop:

To start, you need the art that you want to use with your photographs. Rudnyk recommends that you get artworks that are under the Creative Commons Licence. They are copyright free and you can use them in any way you like.

Once you have the artwork and the portrait that you want to work with, you can use Photoshop to selectively copy the elements of the artwork into your portrait and blend them together. The key to a successful blend of artwork and portrait is having an artistic and creative vision.

One important aspect you need to consider is the color balance. The tones and color temperatures in your portrait and the artwork should be as close as possible. Otherwise, it will seem like a sloppy copy and paste job.

If you’ve been looking forward to enhancing your Photoshop skill, definitely follow Rudnyk’s direction in this video. While she works with flowers in this one, you can use the same principle and work with anything you prefer.

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