Travel Photographer’s Guide to Powerful Imagery

What is it that makes an image stand out? What makes a powerful impact on someone when they view a photograph? Is it the location? The people? The mood? Perhaps it is a combination of all these things. The answers can be found in Mitchell Kanashkevich’s latest educational ebook. Now available here: Powerful Imagery – The Photographer’s Insight

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New: Powerful Imagery – The Photographer’s Insight (Click to Learn More)

Mitchell Kanashkevich is a freelance travel photographer whose work has appeared in magazines such as National Geographic Traveler and Vanity Fair. His latest ebook is designed to help photographers get the most impact out of their photos. In this book, you will go inside the mind of Kanashkevich and see how he goes through the processes of forming ideas for images, making creative decisions, tweaking the technical settings of his camera, and editing his images with post-processing software.

Kanashkevich’s approach to teaching is very straight-forward, yet detailed. Instead of throwing 100 images in your face and expecting you to figure out how he created each one, Kanashkevich includes 15 images in his ebook and breaks each one down, explaining every aspect of how it was created. He says he believes the best way to learn photography is to deconstruct images that exemplify the things that you want to learn, and that’s what this 66 page eBook does.

For each image included, you will find the following:

  • The Story
  • Objectives
  • Light
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Creative Decisions in the Field
  • Post-Processing
creating powerful imagery

Pages from Powerful Imagery (Click to See More)

Kanashkevich doesn’t leave any guesswork in between his explanations. He tells you full out his whole thought process as he tries to create a compelling image. Even “in-progress” shots are shown, giving you an idea of how the scene was worked until the final image was captured. If you’re looking for a book with great photography, straight-forward jargon-free writing, teaching through examples, and a look into the mind of a successful travel photographer, then this could be just what you’re looking for.

How to Get a Copy:

The guide comes in a PDF format that can be read on computers, phones and most tablet computers (works great as a mobile reference out in the field). Plus, if the book doesn’t help you, it carries a 60-day guarantee so there is no risk in trying it.

It can be found here: Powerful Imagery: The Photographer’s Insight

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