Toy Dinosaur Photo Shoot at Home

Being stuck indoors doesn’t necessarily mean that your creativity will suffer. In fact, think of it as a time to take a step back and sharpen your creativity. Working with whatever you have in your household can further widen your creativity. If you’re having a difficult time staying indoors, photographer Mathieu Stern has an interesting video for you. Watch along as he recreates a pre-historic scene using dinosaur figures:

It’s amazing how Stern creates a life-like image using toy dinosaurs. He uses some flour to mimic snow, and lights up the scene using Moman LED lights. To add a misty feel to the image, he also uses an atmospheric spray with some canned air.

With all the figures in place, he takes multiple images of the scene with different lighting against a white background. Then, with some Photoshop magic, he adds in a snowy background and completes the image. As you can see, the final image is really impressive.

Do you have any dinosaurs or perhaps action figures lying around in your home? Why not use the same concept from this video and use it to showcase your creativity?

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