Topaz Simplify: How to Convert Photos to Digital Art

Topaz Simplify is designed to help photographers create stunning art from their photos. Create paintings, sketches, watercolors, cartoons, and more. Photography to art uniquely personal instead of using cookie-cutter filters. Found here: Topaz Simplify

topaz simplify interface

Topaz Simplify Interface

Start by using one of dozens of curated art presets. Then, fine-tune them to get the exact look you want. It gives you a set of tools to create art that only you can make. Build a wide assortment of effects such as watercolors, oil paintings, cartoons, charcoal drawings, sketches, and more.

Each time you process a photo, Topaz Simplify’s technology combines four key areas to get the final result:

1. Edge tracing – Automatically trace the important edge features in your photo, and then modify the tracing if needed. (For example, make the lines thicker, ignore weaker lines, etc.)

2. Details – Independently adjust smaller image detail to add interesting textures with finer control.

3. Large image features – Create an artistic base for your work by removing unwanted image elements. One of Simplify’s most magical features.

4. Original enhancement – Make the final result look more natural by intelligently merging it with parts of the original photo, which is also enhanced.

Each one of these key areas can be processed completely independently. When combined, however, they can create an almost limitless assortment of unique art effects.

simplify before after

One of the Before & After Examples (Click to See More)

Topaz Simplify’s ultimate goal is to make it as simple as possible to create great art from your photos. Its specialized digital art technology lets you mix and match edges, details, and other image features in ways that weren’t possible before.

Found here: Topaz Simplify

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