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The intelligent contrast adjustment tool Clarity, which works with Photoshop, Lightroom and many other programs, is designed to help you create compelling and powerful images by enhancing contrast and clarity without artifacts or halos. It can manipulate your micro, mid-tone and overall contrast while maintaining the “natural feeling” that is best to keep for realistic results in all types of photography. Found here: Topaz Clarity

topaz clarity

Intelligent Contrast Technology (Click to Learn More)

Have you ever blown out your highlights by increasing image contrast? You won’t ever again. Topaz Clarity uses intelligent contrast enhancement technology to increase the impact and depth of your image completely naturally. This unique approach makes it almost impossible to create artifacts and halos – and gives you more powerful photos with less effort.

Features introduced in Topaz Clarity:

  1. Selective Contrast Control. With Clarity, we have developed a cutting-edge process of selecting specific contrast variations in your original image, allowing you to quickly target and then increase or decrease the contrast and clarity in that specific variation.
  2. Breakthrough Halo-Free Algorithm. Boost contrast and clarity without emphasizing transitions between light and dark areas, eliminating the common problem of halos, noise and artifacts.
  3. Advanced Hue/Saturation/Luminance Technology. Using IntelliColor technology, you can easily enhance your image with the HSL filter, getting stronger, yet more natural HSL adjustments.
  4. Re-Imagined Masking Workflow. The masking module, now attached to each adjust- ment tab contains a comprehensive set of tools including an edge-aware brush, gradi- ent mask, smart feather tool, color aware tool and more.
  5. User Interface Design. With Clarity, we have continued to develop a cleaner, more modern and efficient interface to improve usability, workflow and overall aesthetics.
topaz clarity photo retouching

Powerful photos by naturally enhancing contrast

before and after topaz clarity

Before/After Topaz Clarity (Click to See More Before and After Examples)

Also includes 100+ carefully crafted presets. Spend more time shooting and less time post-processing by applying one of over 100 presets included in Topaz Clarity. These one-click effects were specially developed and fine-tuned for specific types of photos. Instantly add extra depth to your architecture images, wedding photos, and everything in between.

How to Get a Copy:

The tool is very easy to install and then appears under your filters menu in Photoshop or other programs.

Found here: Topaz Clarity Intelligent Contrast Adjustment

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