Top Questions & Answers in Landscape Photography

Most of us are quite gullible when starting our photography journey. We end up believing most of what other “professionals” recommend. Whether it’s photography tips, tricks or purchase recommendations, beginner photographers are easily influenced. Today’s video tackles that very subject, cutting through the noise to provide honest advice. Professional landscape photographer Nigel Danson addresses some of the questions that many beginner photographers have:

It is common for beginners to wonder what gear they should be using, or which lens, body or bag is the best on the market. Naturally, Danson answers a lot of questions that are gear-related, including questions about cameras, lenses, filters and gear specific to landscape photography.

He also answers other questions about other factors such as progressing as a professional photographer, working with challenging local landscapes, lighting advice for photographing landscapes and so on.

If you are a budding landscape photographer, chances are that Danson has addressed any query that you might have. So be sure to watch the complete video, as it will help you clarify a lot of common concerns.

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