Top 15 Features of Your DSLR Camera That You Should Know

There’s a lot to learn when you first get a DSLR. The first things you need to know is how to get out of auto mode and start using your camera’s manual function. This tutorial will show you the 15 things you need to know when starting out:

The 15 Things You Should Know:

  1. Shooting Modes – Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual Mode. Each has their own purpose.
  2. Depth-of-Field – This is a measure of how much of the scene is in focus and is most easily controlled by changing the aperture.
  3. ISO – This increases the camera sensor’s sensitivity to light, but also increases that amount of digital noise.
  4. Focus Modes – There’s fixed focus and servo focus, as well as a hybrid mode. Which is best to use depends on the movement of your subject.
  5. Focal Points – Selecting one or several focus points can help you fine-tune your focusing.
  6. Back Focus – Using the button on the back to focus can help you snap photos faster.
  7. Exposure Compensation – This is handy for tweaking the exposure values that the camera determines.
  8. Custom White Balance – If you want perfect white balance, customizing it is you best option.
  9. Highlight Control – Shows areas of the photo that have been blown out.
  10. Metering Modes – This controls how your camera determines the exposure.
  11. Live View Mode – This helps for previewing your exposure and fine-tuning your focus.
  12. Flash Control – Knowing when and how to control your flash is important when lighting your image.
  13. Image Stabilization – More importantly, when NOT to use this because it’s not always needed.
  14. The Beep – That beep when you focus for the most part is unnecessary.
  15. Customizable Menu –  For an easier time navigating your menus, you can make your own.
fifteen things you should know beginner

Depth-of-Field is a must know

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2 responses to “Top 15 Features of Your DSLR Camera That You Should Know”

  1. Kenneth Woodard says:

    #6. Back Focus
    – Back focus is when your auto focus is slightly off and consistently focuses behind the subject.
    I think you meant Back Button Focus.

  2. Clemens Roether says:

    I skim through my 420 page camera manual every couple of months — and I always find something new and helpful. But your great presentation makes it way more fun and memorable. Thanks for the info that I can use very often. Roether

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