Top 10 Reasons Photographers Miss Shots

The number of times that I missed opportunities to capture a perfect moment in my early photography career still frustrates me. During my early photography days, I spent endless hours reading camera reviews until I was sure I found the perfect entry level DSLR. My first digital camera was nothing special; however, the hours of photographic experience I gained helped me become what I am today.

reasons photographers miss shots

“Brands Hatch” captured by PictureSocial member jim wood

Don’t make the same mistakes I did. These are essential tips in ensuring that you’re always ready for a photo opportunity:

1) Access to your camera must be quick. It’s crucial you have a camera bag that allows easy, fast access to your camera.

2) Make certain that you have more than one fully charged battery before you set out on a photography trip. Remember also that battery life can also be affected by the temperature; make sure you know the environment in which you are going to be shooting. If it’s 10 degrees below zero, make sure you have plenty of backup power sources.

3) Ensure that you clean the front and rear of your lenses to reduce spots. This should become a routine process. I have a routine where I clean the lenses at the end of a shoot and prior to going on my next shoot. I also ensure that I carry cleaning equipment, as once you are in the field, anything can happen.

4) Make absolutely certain that you have enough storage capacity on your camera and its additional memory cards. The routine I follow is to upload all images to my laptop and back up after each shoot.

5) Ensure that your camera is preset to the settings you require for the subject you’re going to shoot. This relies on experience to know the best settings for a given scenario.

6) If your camera is equipped with image stabilization technology or vibration reduction, use it correctly. If you’re going to be holding your camera for the shoot, make certain to turn these features on. If you’re tripod shooting, turn them off to ensure sharper images.

7) Ensure you have fitted any filters prior to heading out on a shoot. This means you will have to know your subject. It’s quicker to remove filters when on a shoot than fit them, so always fit them before you begin.

8 ) Now this may sound amateurish, but I can admit that I have on occasion left my lens cap on and missed an opportunity as a result. So please, make sure that you have taken your lens cap off!

9) Make sure your camera is switched on in anticipation of capturing an image. If your camera needs protection, keep it in your bag, but make sure it is turned on. The seconds it takes for the camera to boot up all add up and can be the difference between a missed image and a wonder shot.

10) Don’t look at images on your LCD and revel in the excellence. Do a quick check to ascertain settings are correct, then move on to the next shot. Experience is crucial in photography, without it you will struggle to capture professional images. The tools of your trade are an essential companion on your journey to professional excellence.

Roaming the fields and hedgerows looking for that perfect moment honed the skills I now rely on daily.

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7 responses to “Top 10 Reasons Photographers Miss Shots”

  1. ctpicman says:

    I would think that the #1 reason photographers miss a shot is because they don’t have their camera with them. I’ve “come upon” some of my best shots and was able to capture them because I had my camera with me.

  2. WetcoastBob says:

    Shoot every day!! The camera will be an extension of your mind!

  3. Mike B says:

    This article had another title before this one it was “No Shit, Really? Tell me more” then “Common sense” but since that is in very short supply these days.

  4. Tom Bonner says:

    Lens cap? Seriously? I thought most of these were a little weak — attaching filters before leaving on shoot is rather bizarre time saving tip. Some wre common sense. But the lens cap thing really insults your reader’s intelligence. Since most serious readers of your site will shoot with some form of dSLR or SLR, this just silly. It is nearly impossible to leave the lens cap on while shooting with a camera that allows you to look through the lens. Even if you try to shoot without looking, most auto-focus cameras won’t be able to lock on to a target and won’t even fire.

    Most of the other items are fairly silly as well. This could have been a first-rate article. The author could have spent more time explains about knowing the ground, understanding the rules for a sports shoot, making up a shot list, etc.

    There was nothing here that couldn’t be covered by the old Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared!

  5. Paul says:

    #6 depends on your equipment. Some lens’ VR switches should be left in the on position, even on the tripod. Your instructions will tell you what to do.

  6. Estona says:

    A real photographer always has a camera with him. He can see the moment and make a beautiful photo.

  7. ushootvedit says:

    some professional photographers are doing a little mistake but they would take the immediate action.

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