Tips to Help You Grow Your Instagram in 2021

Instagram has been a popular platform for photographers and videographers to showcase their work for quite some time now. However, if you’ve used the app recently, you might’ve noticed that it has undergone some significant changes and introduced new features. While such changes are inevitable in social media, creators might feel the need to optimize their content to stay relevant and grow their fan bases. Today we have photographer Evan Ranft to share some insightful tips to help you grow your Instagram account in 2021:

“Today, you can’t just post your best stuff on Instagram and expect it to blow up.”

There are millions of Instagram users—a number so huge that it is very easy to get lost amidst the millions of photos that get posted every day. And that competition is only intensifying. So, unless you’re best of the best, don’t expect your photos to draw traction quickly.

“You need to be putting out videos, stories and reels. All these new things that Instagram has, they like to promote.”

While it may seem like extra effort to create different kinds of content, you can play it smart and come up with pieces of work that relate to one another. For instance, next time you’re out on a photoshoot, record a behind-the-scenes video to share as well. Or you could share with the audience what you’re looking to photograph and how you’re planning to achieve a certain look. The goal is to create 360-degree content that resonates with your audience and keeps them engaged.

Also, if you are active on other social platforms, make sure to cross-promote your Instagram page. Higher engagement will cause Instagram’s algorithm to recommend your pages to others who already follow other similar pages.

Unfortunately, what made photographers famous on Instagram in 2018 won’t work in 2021. You will have to change your social media strategy to keep up with the times. Luckily, Ranft does an excellent job of highlighting these changes for you—so be sure to watch the entire video and prepare yourself for the upcoming year.

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