Tips for Taking Gorgeous Wedding Glamour Shots

One of the most important tasks as a wedding photographer is capturing that gorgeous glamour shot of the bride. She has spent countless months preparing for this day and thousands of dollars on her dress, shoes, hair, and makeup; it is the photographer’s job to make sure she looks as beautiful as possible. Robert Harrington shares some simple wedding photography glamour tips in the following video:

First of all, have the bride pick photos out of a glamour magazine. By seeing her choices, you can get a feel for what style she likes and what look she is going for. It’s a good idea for you as the photographer to study beauty and glamour magazines, as well.


Ask the bride to show you photos from magazines that she likes.

The comfort of the bride is also a key factor. Interact with the bride prior to shooting the wedding day. The worst outcome is that your images could look stiff and posed. Try to at least work with the bride two or three times before the big day. Make sure to be friendly and make your model as comfortable as possible. You can even take some shots at these meetings in order to get a sense of the best angles and poses for the bride.

Have the bride practice posing before the wedding day. Posing in a mirror can give a great sense of flattering shapes and angles for the bride. Furthermore, taking practice images can also be great practice for posing. Brides with an atypical body type or less angular face often look best when turned at an angle or with their arms up near their chest or torso area.

Don’t be afraid to play with your exposures. Harrington often overexposes head shots, even if it blows out some of the highlights of the dress. However, when shooting full body shots, he exposes for the dress. To do so, focus on the dress and set your exposure from there. Then, come back, and take your shot. This works especially well for outdoor shots.


Expose for the dress.

“The wedding day can be incredibly stressful, so it is up to you, the photographer, to make her feel unstressed.”

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