Tips for Corporate-Style Portrait Photography

There are many things to consider when it comes to capturing a great corporate image. Prepping the set to get it right is very important, but the real success of the shot lies in finding the right talent to be the face of the company. Jay P. Morgan takes us on location at a corporate shoot in a call center and provides some useful tips:

Since the model will be representing the face of the company, it’s very important for them to look amazing and feel confident. And you must portray them in an open and inviting way.

How to Prepare Your Model

Whether you’ve hired a professional model or you’re using an employee from the company you’re shooting, there are a few things you can (and should) do to prep them:

  1. Ask them to bring different outfits so there are a variety of clothing options.
  2. Make sure the clothes are clean and ironed. You should always bring an iron with you just in case.
  3. Make sure the model is well groomed and ask them to bring personal grooming supplies, like a razor and toothbrush, to be prepared.
  4. Decide ahead of time whether facial hair is okay or not.
prep photography model

Bring several options for clothing, in case something doesn’t look right!

How to Guide Your Model

Here are a few tips to guide the model to get the best shot:

  1. Have them look directly into the camera.
  2. Make sure they’re comfortable; it will show in the smile.
  3. Keep them comfortable by talking to them, being natural and showing interest in their life.
  4. Be positive! A little encouragement goes a long way.
happy corporate photo

Make sure the model is happy and confident.

How to Light and Pose for Corporate Photography

Morgan only used one light for the shoot. The people in the background were lit with the light from the window and Morgan exposed for them. He used a PhotoFlex small OctoDome with a grid to light the model from camera left, mimicking the window light.


Final Image

Other Equipment Used

Attention to detail and expert guiding of your model will make your photos look professional. Corporations are always in need of images that speak well of their brand, so having these skills will make you indispensable.

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