Tips for Better Pet Photography

For taking top-class snapshots of your pet, you don’t have to be a professional photographer. Just by keeping a few essential things in mind, you can easily capture outstanding shots. Let’s learn how to take better digital photographs of pets.

Try to capture your pet’s unique personality

cat personality captured

Photo by Manja Vitolic

Each pet has a unique personality. Some are lazy, quiet and docile, while others are hyperactive, energetic, and inquisitive. Try to take shots when your pet is sleeping, eating, playing or just jumping around. Every activity that your pet indulges in showcases their personality and you should surely capture such unforgettable moments.

Pay attention to location and background

Always choose the location carefully. Your pet should be comfortable at that place, and it should also evoke emotions, not only in your pet, but also in you. The next important thing that you should take into account is the background. With respect to pet photography, the best location is one that is plain and simple like a patch of green grass or a well-lit room with white walls and red carpet.

Get down to their level and shoot them closely

Avoid taking snapshots while standing up and looking down at the pet. Instead, get down to his level and look into his eyes. Also try to shoot him as closely as possible. If your pet is active and likes to move around, then it will be exceedingly difficult to get close to him. In such a case, you should buy a camera that is equipped with a zoom lens.

Lighting is important

Lighting is an important factor with regards to pet photography. The usage of flash will either distract the animal or scare him away. In some instances, it also creates the problem of red eye. Thus, natural and artificial light sources are better options. Use flash only if your pet has dark fur; it will help to highlight even the smallest details.

Use sports mode for active pets

If you’re not comfortable using full manual mode, then sports mode is just for you. In this mode, you can easily capture excellent snapshots of your overtly active pet. Alternately, you can use shutter priority mode, where you have to set the shutter speed, and the camera will do the rest of the things automatically.

Catch them unaware

If you wish to take natural photographs, then make an effort to catch your pet unaware. It is unusually difficult to persuade the animal to pose properly. Hence, paparazzi style photos are the best bet.

Let them play around

Let your pet play around with toys, and capture their playfulness. The photo shoot should be enjoyable for both you and your pet.

playful pet photo

Photo by Mitchell Orr

Include owner and others

If you want your digital photographs to look real, then don’t forget to include yourself and other family members. When the animal interacts with his owner, genuine emotions are evoked, which are worth capturing.

Checkout different perspectives

Try out different angles and different perspectives. Apart from full body shots, you can capture three-quarters of the body or focus on single features like eyes, nose, ears, and so forth.

Don’t hesitate to experiment

Remember, expertise only comes from experimentation. For this reason, don’t hesitate to experiment. You will only end up with a few bad shots, and nothing else is going to happen. On the contrary, continued experimentation will make you a perfect professional pet photographer in a short span of time.

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This article was written by Patrick Laundy. He manages an online photo album called OurPhotos. The idea was to keep things as simple and uncluttered as possible while providing a fully-functional photo sharing service.

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