Timelapse through Europe

There’s no denying that we’ve seen our fair share of awesome timelapse videos around here and just when you think you saw one that couldn’t possibly be outdone, one like EuroLapse pops up on the radar. The thousands of photographs used to compile the footage were shot by  David Kosmos Smith on his Nikon D7000 during a four month long vacation spent exploring Europe. Take a look at Smiths camera work in the following video, but be forewarned, in the five minutes you’ll spend watching EuroLapse you’ll probably be convinced that you, too, need to spend a  summer on European expedition:

What’s more is that Smith didn’t use any special equipment aside from his D7000 with it’s built in inervalometor and a Tokina 11-16mm lens. All of the post work was done in Adobe Premiere CS6.

timelapse videotimelapse of europe

Carrying around just the minimal amount of gear necessary must have made the process of collecting all the photographs a much more enjoyable experience for both Smith and his wife, who patiently served as his assistant.

For Further Training on Time-lapse Photography:

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