Timelapse Showing Seasonal Change in Melbourne Australia

From March 2013 to February 2016, a hobbyist timelapse photographer named Alexander Chin documented Melbourne, Australia’s most iconic locations and landmarks as they appeared in spring, summer, fall, and winter. Chin then combined all of the images together into a dreamy “chronolapse” video called The Four Seasons of Melbourne:

Chin shot the images with his Nikon D90 and D610 and purposefully selected symmetrical locations—such as the Royal Exhibition Building—where he could mark the exact placement of his tripod and line his images up with relative ease in post.

Despite his meticulous planning, Chin still hit several roadblocks as he worked. Shooting in the same locations many different times over the course of 10 months thoroughly tested his patience and dedication to the project, while shifting soil made it difficult to ensure that his tripod was positioned in the exact same location for every image.

four seasons melbourne alexander chin timelapse chronolapse nikon d90 d610 australia

During editing, Chin realized that, because he had used two different cameras to shoot the photos, he would have to spend extra time aligning the landmarks properly.

And finally, there was Melbourne’s fickle weather itself.

“For those who don’t know, Melbourne is known to experience all weathers in one day,” Chin wrote in his blog post about the project. “Luckily, Melbourne [still] really showed off the extremes of each season… This video has given me a lot of inspiration to try more of these seasonal timelapses and day/night timelapses.”

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