Striking Timelapse Photography During Monsoon Season

Emmy award winning cinematographer Mike Olbinski has always been drawn to the power and peculiarity of nature. An Arizona native, he spends the majority of the year working as a portrait photographer in the dry desert heat. But, as the seasons begin to change and summer sets in, the weather can become quite erratic. Inspired by storms across the American southwest, Olbinski diligently follows heavy rains, dust clouds, and lightning strikes:

The latest in a series of several short films, Monsoon III was composed of over 85,000 individual frames. Capturing the images over the course of just 36 days, Olbinski has mastered the elusive art of finding the storm’s eye. His vibrant yet ominous landscapes capture each fleeting phenomena with the utmost attention to detail and a superb sense of composition.


clouds over forest

dust storm over desert

Whether the shots he creates can be attributed to luck, talent, or a combination of the two, one thing is for certain: Olbinski’s still imagery and video art alike beautifully illustrate the true magnitude and might our planet holds.

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