Timelapse of SpaceX Rocket Over Downtown LA

SpaceX has been in the news recently—and for good reasons. They’ve implemented the idea of reusable rockets, something previously thought to be impossible. At dusk on October 7, 2018, the company launched their Falcon 9 from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base, about 158 miles north of LA. Its mission was to deliver the Earth-observation radar satellite SAOCOM-1A into orbit for Argentina’s national space agency. The launch was a success, and it created a magical light show on its way up. Have a look at the following timelapse captured by Emeric Le Bars:

Le Bars used a Canon 5D Mark IV with a 17–40mm f/4 L lens at 24mm, 0.5 seconds, f/4.5, and ISO 1250 with a 1 second interval to create this amazing timelapse.

rocket launch light show

The display was caused by the Falcon’s exhaust vapor which condensed to form ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. The setting sun rays then lit up these crystals, and their shine put on the show.

But if, at first, you thought it was some kind of UFO or an alien invasion, you’re not alone.

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