Timelapse Landscape Photography of Wyoming

Landscape photography is truly an art form that takes vision and creativity, let alone access to awe-inspiring scenery. I mean, think about it, we’ve all been there, how many times have you taken a photo of an overwhelmingly beautiful natural scene only to look at it later and be disappointed by the flat, dull image that lacks any feeling or emotion in front of you?

Landscape photographer Nicolaus Wegner doesn’t seem to have that problem. Here, he takes the art form one incredibly impressive step further and not only captures truly breathtaking photos, but turns them into time-lapsed videos full of emotion and natural beauty:

Wegner, who really  seems motivated by an appreciation of nature, spent months traveling around Wyoming to complete his time-lapse project. This was his second installment of Wyoming Wildscapes.

An incredible piece, he really captures all the elements of Wyoming’s mountains, rangelands and weather and conveys them to the viewer to leave a lasting impression.

A couple of my favorite highlights include the natural progression of the expansive star-filled skies, and the slow moving camera as it makes its way along the bed of a snow covered forest, over the rocky terrain and under twisted branches of frozen trees.

About a year ago, Wegner released his first ever time-lapse montage, the first part of Wyoming Wildscapes:

He captured the dynamic images to create the video using a Canon 5d II and 1ds3, a Canon 16-35 II and 70-200L (f4), and a dolly. But, while he had some great equipment to help, the feelings conveyed in the final product come from his passion and appreciation of nature.

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