Amazing Timelapse Photography from Dubai

For those of you fascinated by the architecture in Dubai like I am, you’ll be pleased that photographer Richard Bentley has just released a timelapse after scouring the city for amazing compositions. Using his Canon 7D and some neutral density filters, he spent two and half weeks wandering the streets of Dubai and collecting thousands of photos which were assembled for this timelapse:

“Dubai is a photographer’s paradise, but it takes a lot of leg work to get some of these shots (as you also know!!!) :) Four Points was an awesome place to set up, although, I’m not too sure about the safety barrier when you squeeze against the glass”

time lapse dubai

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2 responses to “Amazing Timelapse Photography from Dubai”

  1. sushanth says:

    Amazing piece of work. A great job

  2. Kurt Emami says:

    Thanks for this wonderful post! It has been very useful. I wish that you’ll carry on sharing your wisdom with us.

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