This Stunning Time-Lapse of New York City is a Must-Watch

New York City isn’t what it used to be. Soldiers with M-16s stand guard at Grand Central Station, walking through Times Square feels like you’re on line for something at Disney World, and the misfits have been driven out of the Village, replaced by European tourists and artisinal rice pudding shops. And, of course, the absence of two buildings from the skyline is still all too apparent. One thing that doesn’t change about New York, though, is its energy, which is on full display in this amazing time-lapse “mixtape” put together by production company Seventh Movement:

Seventh Movement is really just two guys—Thom McCallum and Vin Guglielmina—and this video is a testament to their creativity with the format. It’s made up of 321 different time-lapses, photographed over a two week period with eight different cameras: six Canon 5DIIIs and two Red Epics. For lenses, they stuck mostly with a 17mm Canon tilt shift, an 8-15mm Canon fisheye, and a 15mm Zeiss.

time lapse photography new york cityOne thing that Seventh Movement really nailed here is the frenetic pace and motion of daily life in the different boroughs of New York. Even with stationary cameras—a requirement of time-lapse—the city appears as a living, breathing, organism. Cars flow through the streets as if they were Manhattan’s bloodstream, and the lights of the buildings pulse in slow, deliberate breaths. But they’ve added another element of motion by adding a pan effect across some scenes. This was accomplished by using the fisheye lens to record ultra-wide shots, and then running the shots through an application called Panolapse. The software flattens the circular image to remove the fisheye effect, and then adds pans and tilts across the resulting frames.  The results are breathtaking.

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