This Star Axis Timelapse Lets You Ride the Sky

Just when you thought that you knew all about what could be done astro-timelapse photography, Lance Page goes out and creates this gem of a video. Instead of the usual sweeping shots of a lovely landscapes and moving stars, Page chose to approach the timelapse concept from a new angle—by setting the North Star as the focal point and allowing the landscape to move around it. Check it out in his video, Ride the Sky:

It gives you a bit of a different perspective, doesn’t it? But how did he pull it off?

Gear and Methodology

On his website, Page explains that he used a combination of an Emotimo TB3 motion-control timelapse head with Dynamic Perception’s Stage Zero Motion Control Dolly. Though he doesn’t go into detail regarding the calculations he used to set up the shoot, he explains that the “whole camera rig points directly at Polaris and pivots counter-clockwise a little less than 90 degrees in about 4.5 hours”. This, combined with movement along the motion control dolly for some of the shots, required quite a bit of legwork—four months and nine separate camping trips, to be exact.


It’s a new angle on an old technique, and Page has created a truly masterful timelapse that we hope you’ll enjoy watching.

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2 responses to “This Star Axis Timelapse Lets You Ride the Sky”

  1. Big Dan says:

    Sometimes the things we miss are more amazing than the ones we see.

  2. MJ Rowe says:

    Audio, but no video.

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