This Photographer’s Parody of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space is Spot On

Sometimes a parody isn’t that much of a parody. Yes, Dabe Shores sings a completely different and amusing iteration of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space, but Shores’ version really does get at the the pros and cons of being a photographer:

Shores’ lyrics recount the harsh truths of being a photographer. Long hours, hectic schedules and clients with a lack of patience. At the end of it all, us photographers manage to find a way and take good photos, no matter the assignment. (Via PetaPixel)

photographer and cameras

There is a mention at the end of the song that refers to a common issue arising among photographers:

“Wait, what do I see?
iPads and cameras in my LCD”

It makes the job much more difficult if a photographer needs to wait for the LED flashes of smartphones to stop and for the chunky iPads get out of the way to take a shot. I’ve read and heard many unsatisfied photographers and clients talking about the same matter. Photographers are frustrated at their ever smaller windows of opportunity for taking pictures, and clients complain that everybody present on their big day is too busy fiddling with their smartphones to pay attention to the ceremony.

photographer with clients

All in all, the parody, titled Make You Look Like Taylor, actually portrays all the good stuff a decent photographer can do. If you’re proficient enough to judge the light, pick the right equipment, and do a proper edit, you can do anything you want.

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