This Photographer Found the Most Beautiful Subway Station in the World

With heads down and shuffling feet, most visitors are rushing to their next destination as they weave through the cave-like architecture of the Stockholm subway system. Alexander Dragunov, however, has focused his career on capturing what he believes to be the most beautiful subway station he has ever seen:

Dragunov takes pictures of the subway station because he is attracted to the geometric symmetry that he finds in elements such as the elevators and tracks. He wants to make those who see his photography doubt that such a subway exists in real life.


architecture dragunov subway station hdr

He also finds it easy to prepare the perfect shot. Once he gets off a subway train, eventually the station clears out, and he is alone to set up the perfect photo without distraction. When he’s not shooting in Stockholm, he also visits the subways of London and Munich.


stockholm hdr architecture symmetry

Interestingly enough, the people who seem most grateful for his images are those who live in Stockholm. They tell him that they never really noticed the beauty of their own subway system until they saw his images. This is great inspiration for photographers who want to challenge themselves to see the beauty in their everyday surroundings.

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3 responses to “This Photographer Found the Most Beautiful Subway Station in the World”

  1. mike penney says:

    try this is seattle, new york, washington dc…. a bone head cop will beat you, arrest you, and flatten your camera…

  2. Claire says:

    This is truly a wonderful article, Not only are these excellent photos, but Alexander Dragunov has captured unexpected beauty. Thank you Brynn.

  3. Susan Vogel Taylor says:



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