This Photographer Wants You to Steal His Art

Ever wonder what would happen if you made your photography into a performance art, one where the experience of the acquiring the photo was just as memorable as the photo itself? That’s just what photographer Lukas Renlund set out to do with his traveling outdoor exhibition “Steal My Photograph!”:

The video above was filmed in Cape Town during the week-long public arts festival called “Infecting The City,” where more than 300 artists were invited to make the city their playground. Renlund, acting on his belief that art should be accessible to everybody, made it easy for just about anyone to participate. To acquire a photo, a person had to do just one thing: get past the security guards and steal a photo from the wall of the exhibition. (Bonus points if you came dressed as an art thief!)

Steal This Art

Security Guards

Participants who were successful not only got the photograph they “stole,” they also went away with a great story to tell.

exhibition theft

In inviting his audience to participate in his art, Renlund creates a bit of fun and magic for both himself and the participants. At the very least, he’s ensured that neither he nor his photos will be forgotten anytime soon.

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