This Finnish Nature Timelapse Reminds Us to Look for Beauty Wherever We Are

Do you think your hometown is too boring to photograph? Have you ever hoped for something to “happen” just for the sake of getting a few interesting shots? In the video below, Leo Brinkman of Heinola, Finland proves that even the dullest of hometowns can be transformed into a works of art through the use of timelapse photography:

One of the most amazing aspects of this video is that almost all of the scenes in this school-project-turned-masterpiece were taken within the space of one square kilometer. Some of them from within just a few meters of each other.


Brinkman took over 7,000 images over a period of six weeks to make this video, putting up to 30 images in each second. After many frantic evenings trying to get the perfect sunset and just the right light, he was able to capture the true beauty of his fairly “boring” hometown.

“Heinola is often described, at least by locals, as a dull town in which nothing ever happens. I set out to defy this thought, and capture my little hometown in a way never done before.”

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