Things To Consider When Starting Out in Photography

Getting started with anything new can be a daunting experience. And photography is no exception to this. When starting out in photography, you’ll probably be making a lot of mistakes. This mostly happens due to a lack of proper guidance. If you feel that you’re in a similar situation, we have the perfect video for you. Today we have photographer Jessica Kobeissi who shares some DOs and Don’ts that you should consider when starting out with photography:

As for the things you should be doing, Kobeissi starts off with some of the technical matters that you must consider. This includes getting yourself a computer with a fast and reliable GPU, shooting in raw, and backing up your data at regular intervals. These are some great reminders that photography is not just about shooting, but also about being efficient.

She also shares a great tip on how you can land more clients. Simply, post more photos related to what you want to book. This highlights your core strength and draws in relevant clients. In the same context, remember that posting a variety of photos may sound interesting but this can confuse the potential clients even more.

As for things that you shouldn’t be doing, Kobeissi shares some tips on client handling, camera settings, and why you shouldn’t be happy with a single type of photo. When booking a client, she suggests that you take some amount in advance as a deposit. This shows your professionalism and is good for both parties. The clients will know that their dates are locked-in. And you too can rest assured that the client will not ditch you last minute.

As for the camera settings, make an active effort to get out of AUTO mode. Learning to use manual mode will help you in understanding photography to its core. This also enables you to take photos as you’ve envisioned in your head.

And finally, don’t take the same photo at a single spot. Instead, try and take as different shots as possible. You can do so by posing the subjects differently, changing your perspective, shooting from different angles. This way, you can make sure that you have a greater basket to choose from when finalizing the image.

For more tips on what you should and shouldn’t do, be sure to watch the complete video. If you’re starting out with photography, you’ll definitely find them useful.

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