The World’s Largest Animated Painting Had to Be Photographed by Satellite

The world loves its animated GIFs. Some are funny, some are very creative and artistic. And there are people out there in GIF creation land that adore pushing the envelope. People like INSA, who love creating animated GIFs that are far from ordinary:

INSA creates animated GIFs by painting graffiti for each frame. He then photographs it, repaints it, and repeats until he has a smooth motion. He calls each final product Gif-iti.

The challenge he set this time was to create the biggest animated painting ever done. And he would photograph it using nothing less than a satellite.

world's largest animated painting


After a collaboration with locals in Rio de Janeiro, a few days of planning, and four days of hard work, the images were ready. The result is pretty astonishing.

satellite photo gif

“Don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t be afraid to push an idea. Don’t be afraid to explore it.”

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