The Ups and Downs of Neon Product Photography

What photographer doesn’t love the twisting shapes and vibrant colors of a neon light?  An instant way of bringing a picture to life, they can add excitement to otherwise mundane shots. However, as photographer-turned-vlogger Hayden Pedersen discovers on the following shoot, getting a great neon photo sometimes takes a little bit of work…

As it turns out, placing a product against a busy background can become a juggling act. What’s more, colors often compete with one another, which can lead to some serious post-processing woes. In fact, Pedersen manages to work around it by converting many of the more problematic shots to black and white. While neon undoubtedly looks cool, balancing all of the elements at play makes photographing it surprisingly difficult.

Luckily, Pedersen’s comprehensive coverage goes over a few of the dos and don’ts he gathered through the experience. With any luck, you’ll be able to learn a thing or two for the next time you take to the streets for some fluorescent photos!

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