The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course

No matter what weather you encounter or camera equipment you own, this new in-depth course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to capture amazing landscape photographs whenever the opportunity arises. 36 videos, 9 case studies, RAW and layered files and more. We were able to arrange a 33% discount for our readers which has expired, sorry about that, stay tuned to see what’s next!

It breaks down the fundamental knowledge you need for landscape photography and shows you how to use that knowledge in an actual photo shoot.

What you will learn:

  • We’ll show you how we go about selecting a location, and making the most of the time we have when we’re traveling.
  • We’ll explain the equipment we use, why we use it, and HOW we use it… and we’ll walk you through clear examples so you can see exactly how it’s done.
  • You’ll learn how to produce beautiful shots when the sky is brilliant – with gorgeous foreground details and rich colors in the sky… and we’ll also show you how you can get great photos when the light ISN’T spectacular – like when you’re shooting in harsh, midday light.
  • We’ll share a variety of techniques we use when we’re shooting, so you can see how we push past the basic rules of photography to get a variety of shots – even in a difficult location.
  • We’ll walk you through a series of case studies – from fieldwork, all the way through to our post-processing workflow. And even better, we’ll share the actual original RAW and layered files with you so you can work alongside us as we show you how we do it.
  • Most of the lessons are taught on location, so you can see exactly what we’re doing, and why.
  • We’ve included lots of examples that will help you understand the concepts, and our case studies will let you follow along while we’re working on location in Australia.
landscape course camera

Explore the Live View feature to find out how you can use it to enhance your fieldwork

What’s Included:

  • Get Instant Access to the downloadable video files.
  • 36 teaching videos for photographers who want to make beautiful photos.
  • More than 4 hours of video content – most of it shot right there in the field as we were working.
  • 9 Case Studies: Macro, Seascape, Dunes, Forest, Sunrise, Sunset, Night, Waves, and Panorama.
  • Post Processing Workflow for four of our case studies including…
  • … Original RAW and layered files for practice.
  • Workshop-style lessons taught right in the field.
editing landscape photos

Watch and learn as we blend multiple images in Photoshop to create a fresh and natural-looking result

About the producers: Varina and Jay are professional Landscape and Wilderness Photographers. They are best known for their tandem teaching style – which combines advanced technical skills with easy-to-understand explanations, and well-thought-out examples. They have won many awards for their photographic work in high-profile competitions. Their images and articles have been published by National Geographic, National Parks Magazine, Unique Image Magazine, Popular Photography Magazine, Photo Art Magazine, PC Photo, and many more.

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